Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Batten Hatches on Cataract Surgery for the Elderly

It can be depressing to learn that an elderly loved one can’t see well because of cataracts. Being afflicted with the disorder carries its own set of dangers when it affects quality of life. This will warrant immediate treatment, with surgery the prime option if found eligible. The preparations for undergoing cataract surgery at the hands of a skilled eye doctor warrant much sacrifice on the patient’s part.

If your loved one is set for cataract surgery you must take a few days off from work to prepare for their operation and post-op recuperation. Arrange for a family member to accompany them to and from the practice, especially for the pre-op tests. The preferred eye doctor needs the time to assess the patient’s eye for the size of the lens needed for implantation.

Make sure your loved one sleeps well the night before the surgery, but consult with the doctor on what medication they can and can’t consume. On the day itself, help your loved one take a thorough bath and assist them with changing into clean clothes. A light breakfast may suffice unless the doctor suggested otherwise.

Have a pair of dark sunglasses ready for your loved one before you leave the practice. Administer eye drops and proper medication where needed, but never forget to involve them in some activities to practice their eyesight.

Ultimately, there’s no denying that cataract surgery for your elderly loved one will be a good thing for them in their advanced years. 

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