Thursday, April 24, 2014

Know Your LASIK Surgeon, and Let Them Know You

LASIK surgery is proven treatment for individuals who are farsighted, nearsighted, or have astigmatism. A process which reshapes the cornea, LASIK is successful for 96% of patients who undergo the surgical procedure as they often obtain the exact vision they desire after the process.
While not necessarily a very expensive process, good LASIK surgery does not come cheap. As patients look to invest in a procedure that will improve their vision, it is important to have the procedure done by a practice that offers the best possible technologies. It’s also imperative to have a highly trained and experienced surgical team perform the procedure.
When coming in for LASIK treatment, make sure that you’ve had the chance to get to know the surgeon that will be treating you. It is important to know the success rate which he/she has when it comes to completing the procedure. By getting to know the doctor, you also allow them to get to know you and have a better understanding of what your needs and expectations are.
Through this, the doctor can correct your vision in the best manner possible. The solution provided to you can be customized, as good surgeons are usually capable of providing several types of laser vision correction treatments. By understanding your lifestyle, they can also help you better prepare and recover from the surgery, such as letting you know not to use eye make-up or contact lenses a week before the procedure.

Simple Tips in Caring for the Eyes

They say the eyes are the window to one’s soul. They allow the person to take in the sights, and at the same time allow others to see how the person is feeling through the expression in his eyes. As such, it’s very important to take great care of one’s eyes, because they are also very sensitive to external factors such as sunlight, dust and various irritants.
By practicing these basic eye care habits, you can help ensure that your eyes are properly protected and cared for:
  • Wear sunglasses outdoors during daytime. We don’t realize that eye damage caused by UV rays accumulates during our lifetime, and that protection from it must start early and done often. When purchasing sunglasses, get lenses that are large and cover a large area, with lenses that have ANSI Z80.3 blocking requirements and provide UV 400 protection.
  • Remove eye make-up when you get home. Using the right removal cream, coconut oil or olive oil helps avoid problems related to excessive eye make-up use, such as conjunctivitis, dry eyes, and loss of eyelashes, among others.
  • Remove contact lenses when not in use. If you’re spending the day at home and will not be using contact lenses, don’t wear them. Not wearing contacts will allow your eyes to relax and avoid eye strain from constant use. Doing so also minimizes the possibility of cornea infection.
  • Have a proper diet. Proper nutrition goes a long way in caring for your eyes. Food containing beta carotene from carrots can help maintain good eyesight, while eating leafy greens will provide the lutein and zeaxanthin needed to help lower the risk of developing macular degeneration and cataracts. Other food beneficial to the eyes include eggs, citrus, berries, and almonds.
Of course, these tips and many others work best with the care that your eye doctor can provide you. If you have any concerns with your vision, it’s best you contact your local doctor to make sure no minor problems become larger concerns in the future.

Friday, April 11, 2014

LASIK Surgery in Durham, NC: Enabling People to See Clearly Once Again

Patients also need to meet certain physiological requirements before they can be considered suitable candidates for LASIK. In brief, LASIK in Durham, NC is not recommended for anyone who is below 18, planning to get pregnant, taking certain medications, or in poor general health. Such restrictions are intended to prevent complications among at-risk individuals.

The decision to undergo LASIK, in other words, entails a proper consultation with a qualified specialist. You might want to see an eye doctor from a reputable practice like North Carolina Eye Ear Nose & Throat to see whether LASIK surgery in Durham, NC is a suitable procedure for correcting your vision. Your eye doctor can perform a visual acuity test, among other things, to detect potential problems that may have previously gone undetected.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Seasoned Eye Doctor in Durham, NC Can Deal with Severe Cataract

Although non-communicable, cataracts can lead to vision loss and thereby greatly affect your daily activities and overall quality of life. Cataracts may also render you vulnerable to accidents and, therefore, require prompt treatment via skilled eye doctors in Durham, NC, such as those from North Carolina Eye Ear Nose & Throat.

A cataract is a cloudy material that can be broken down and suctioned through a procedure called phacoemulsification. This is a more advanced method compared to extracapsular surgery that involves making a huge incision on the side of the cornea, which can be risky and may require a longer recovery period. With treatment methods undergoing constant improvement, cataract patients can look forward to regaining clear vision.