Friday, November 29, 2013

A Look into Cataract Surgery

When asked, most people will say that they want to grow old gracefully, but this means different things for different people. For some, it means resorting to cosmetic surgery to change their looks or make them look younger. For others, it means living life as they've normally done, without assistance from anyone. However, the latter is not possible if they suffer from the eye condition known as cataracts.

Cataracts occur when the eye lens begin to cloud, and vision becomes impaired. This condition is mostly age-related and is common in Americans age 65 and above. Since cataracts lead to impaired vision, those suffering from the condition are likely to experience difficulties in accomplishing household tasks on their own, like cooking or gardening. It can pose safety risks if a sufferer still insists on driving a vehicle himself.

Having someone help out with household tasks and someone to drive him to the places he needs to go to can provide a cataract sufferer relief and peace of mind in these situations. However, a better solution would be to see an eye doctor who can treat the condition and improve the vision, typically through prescription eyeglasses. In extreme cases when eyeglasses are barely any help in vision enhancement, the eye doctor will most likely recommend cataract surgery.

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